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(Illustrations; views of Deerhurst church from SE and SW, as it may have looked in the 9th Century)

During the course of my career and studies, I have learnt the basics of archaeological illustration, by recording artefacts in several museums and on a couple of digs, where I also recorded trenches and drew small finds.

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Architectural and Archaeological Drawings

Deerhurst as it looks today

In the last year or two, I have been working at the Anglo-Saxon church at Deerhurst in Gloucestershire, with Michael Hare, a scholar who has researched the building and its development extensively.

With his guidance, and additional advice from Richard Bryant (a founder member of the Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors) and Richard Gem (President of the Society for Church Archaeology) I have made some conjectural reconstruction drawings of how the church might have appeared a thousand years ago.

I am now an associate member of the AAI&S, and would welcome illustration work from professional archaeologists and architectural historians.

If you wish to contact me regarding a commision for architectural or archaeological drawings, please use the contact button at the top of the screen or click here.

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A study of Deerhurst

A conjectural reconstruction of the beast head, or 'prokrossos' which protrudes from the wall above the west door. It possibly had its snout removed by the falling of the wooden spire from the tower above, during the violent storm recorded in 1666.

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A conjectural reconstruction of the Deerhurst beast head

Warburton's Optometrists Building Frieze (click thumbnail for larger view)
© Warburton's Optometrists, Stockport

Building frieze by Maggie Kneen

NE and SW views of All Saint's Church, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, in early stages of its development. (click thumbnail for larger view)
© Brixworth Archaeological Research Committee 2011; reproduction only with the express permission of the Trustees

Brixworth SW view by Maggie Kneen
Brixworth NE view by Maggie Kneen
Brixworth SW view by Maggie Kneen
Brixworth NE view by Maggie Kneen

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